A downloadable game for macOS

Install instructions

If you're on macOS, download+extract the zip file and double click the included .app file. This .app only works on macOS version 10.12.5 or later. If you're on an older version of macOS, use the windows/linux instructions. 

Otherwise, Installation Instructions:

  1. Install python https://www.python.org (Linux distros will already have this installed)
  2. Install pygame https://www.pygame.org/
  3. Run the supplied python file:
    1. Windows: open the file in IDLE and go to "run"
    2. Linux: open a terminal, navigate to the directory where you downloaded the file, and type "python game.py"


  • Avoid the red and white monsters
  • Win by acquiring 150 energy
  • Use the arrow keys to move and space to "boop"


Every mechanic in the game has multiple uses to the player:

  • Moving lets the player move, gets the monsters to move, and increases the player's energy by one. 
  • "booping" will kill all of the monsters in a certain area, but will also reset the player's energy back down to 0. In the original concept, visibility was going to be limited and booping would allow the player to see more around them.
  • Moving into a space occupied by an enemy will kill the enemy, and will also boost the player forward one extra space, and will grant the player extra energy. 

Resources Used:

  • Python
  • Pygame

Contibutors: just myself (Mustafa Haddara)


boop.zip 8 MB
game.py 16 kB

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